Spice grinder sets

Raw Decadence

The perfect gift for the braai fanatic. Eight spice grinders (300 mm, 200 mm and 120 mm high grinder sets available) with only the best spices we have to offer. This set will give the perfect mix for each and every occasion and includes one of each of the following:

  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Salt & pepper (Himalayan pink salt, Wild pepper mix) 
  • Pink Fantasy (Himalayan crystal white salt, Brazilian pink pepper, Peruvian pink pepper) 
  • Chakalaka (Himalayan pink salt, Red & Green pepper flakes, Garlic flakes, Red onion flakes, White onion flakes, Sundried Tomato flakes, Chilli flakes) 
  • Tropical ( Himalayan pink salt, Ethiopian lemon bush, Natural lemon pepper berries) 
  • Garlic & Herb (Himalayan pink salt, Garlic flakes, African wild basil) 
  • Wild pepper (Ethiopian long pepper, Ashanti pepper, Grains of paradise, Brazilian pink pepper, Green bush pepper, Indian long pepper) 
  • Chilli (Himalayan pink salt, bird eye chilli pods, New Mexico chilli flakes) 

R 345.00

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