Lake Assal Pearl Salt

Raw Decadence

This unique salt comes from Lake Assal in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. The continuous action of wind-blown waves, currents, heat, and perhaps a touch of pressure in a super-saturated brine that contains ample amounts of magnesium chloride and other minerals, are all part of the recipe to form these natural pearls. Crystals form, clump on to other crystals, get glued together with magnesium and other salts, roll around, and slowly snowball and polish themselves into spheres. Nature does this all by itself, with no consultation or assistance from humans. Available as a fine grain pearl suitable for a salt shaker and also a coarse grain pearl for your salt grinder. Packed in 50 ml volume flat bottomed test tubes with product weight of approximately 75 g for coarse grain and 64 g for fine grain. Packed by volume and settling may occur.  

R 79.95

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