Grains of Selim Pepper

Raw Decadence

Also known as Negro Pepper, Senegal pepper, African Grains of Selim, Moor Pepper, Kili, Congo Pepper, Kani Pepper, Country Pepper, Selim Kili Pepper, Udah Pods and Poivre de Sénégal. As a spice Grains of Selim pepper should always be used as a whole and ground up, as the hull of the fruit lends the spice its aromatic notes whilst the seeds within lend pungency and bitterness to the flavour. Before use you should always, therefore, grind the spice in a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar. The taste is often described as a mixture of cubeb pepper and nutmeg. It has a very sharp, aromatic, pungent taste with a slightly bitter after taste. Packed in 50 ml volume flat bottomed test tubes with product weight of approximately 18.5 g. Packed by volume and settling may occur.  

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