Grains of Paradise Pepper

Raw Decadence

Grains of Paradise is one of several items commonly confused in literature and on spice pages. It is part of the African cardamom genus of Aframomum and includes Melegueta pepper and Bastard Melegueta pepper.These are entirely different from black peppercorns and incomparably better. It has, like coriander, a billowing aroma, and a slowly intensifying heat, like pepper at the back of your mouth. The taste changes in a second and the heat lingers. The spice flavour is pleasantly tempered, ripe with flavours reminiscent of jasmine, hazelnut, butter and citrus, and with the kind of oiliness you get from nuts. 

Other names

Melegueta pepper (incorrectly), Alligator Pepper (when in pods), Guinea Grains, Guinea Pepper, Paradise Grains, 

French: poivre de Guinée, malaguette. maniquette
German: Malagettapfeffer, Paradieskorner
Italian: grani de Meleguetta, grani de paradiso
Spanish: malagueta

Packed in 50 ml volume flat bottomed test tubes with product weight of approximately 38.5 g. Packed by volume and settling may occur.  

R 74.90

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