World of Cardamom Gift Set

Raw Decadence

A set of 10 cardamoms, each in 50 ml flat bottomed test tubes, in a wooden spice rack packed in a clear PVC carry case. Each Set contains examples of all three groups of cardamom, the African Aframomum varieties, Asian Amomum varieties and true cardamom, Elettaria sp. and can include any of the following: Red Galangal cardamom, Atiko cardamom, Black cardamom, Chinese round cardamom, Cameroon cardamom, Ethiopian cardamom, Green cardamom, Katsumada cardamom, Shell ginger cardamom, Siamese cardamom, Tsaoko cardamom and White cardamom. You can make your own gift set by buying your selection of any 10 items packed in tubes and we will throw in the wooden spice rack with the PVC carry case for free.  

R 495.95

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